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Changing small cartridges into XL cartridges is the easiest and fastest way to earn money. The new REEQ M700 milling machine makes this possible. The key principles in the design of the new milling machine are a highly efficient process and top quality milled cartridges.


The REEQ M700 is designed for milling out the insides of cartridges as well as milling the caps off cartridges.

Like the REEQ F700 filling machine, the REEQ M700 milling machine works fully automatically with pre-set milling programmes. Just choose the type of cartridge and press the Start button.


With a capacity of over 700 cartridges a day with a minimum of labour, it is the most efficient cartridge milling machine available.



  • pre-set milling programmes for each type of cartridge
  • adjustable programme for fine-tuning
  • milling of insides
  • removing caps
  • milling over 700 cartridges a day with a minimum of labour.