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When refurbishing ink cartridges, three machines play a major role:

the Cleaning Machine, the Milling Machine and the Filling Machine.



Cleaning Machine

A high quality and efficient refurbishing process starts with a perfectly cleaned cartridge at the beginning of the process. A clean sponge and open ink channels make the rest of the process easy and controllable.

In August 2016, we launched our latest Cleaning Machine, the REEQ CC700. A fully automatic working cleaning machine with a capacity of over 700 cartridges a day. The REEQ CC700 can handle all kinds of cartridges from HP, Canon and Lexmark.


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Milling Machine

Changing small cartridges into XL cartridges is the easiest and fastest way to earn money. The new REEQ M700 milling machine makes this happen. The key principles in the design of the new milling machine are a highly efficient process and top quality milled cartridges.


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Filling Machine

Filling cartridges in a fast, precise and clean way is still a very challenging process. Our new filling machine REEQ F700 is a revolutionary filling machine, based on a completely new concept.

It can handle 24 cartridges at a time and works fully automatically.


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New machines means investing money. Please feel free to contact us for an Investment & Efficiency calculation.


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