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Filling cartridges in a fast, precise and clean way is still a very demanding process. Our new filling machine REEQ F700 is a revolutionary filling machine, based on a completely new concept.


Just choose the brand and type, push the Start button and the F700 will fill the cartridges with optimal results. If new cartridges enter the market, ReeQ will develop a new programme which can easily be uploaded into the software.


The REEQ F700 has a capacity of 760 black or 250 colour cartridges per day. Like all the other REEQ machines, the REEQ F700 is totally automated. In a cycle of 12 minutes, 24 cartridges are filled. The operator needs less than 3 minutes to change the 24 cartridges.


During filling, the operator can take care of the REEQ M700 milling and REEQ CC700 cleaning machine.



  • pre-set filling programmes for each type of cartridge
  • adjustable programme for fine-tuning
  • no spilling of ink
  • filling over 700 cartridges per day with just 90 minutes total labour time