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In August 2016, we launched our latest Cleaning Machine, the REEQ CC700. A fully automatic working cleaning machine with a capacity of over 700 cartridges a day.


The CC700 works autonomously. Depending on the type of cartridge, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to clean 72 cartridges. Changing a batch of cartridges just takes 3 minutes. During cleaning, the operator can take care of the milling and filling machine.


The software on the REEQ CC700 makes it possible to customize the cleaning programme to your own needs, such as the number of washing cycles, washing time, pulsing time, spinning speed, etc.


Options are an automatic injection of cleaning solution and a separate inlet for demineralized water.  An Ink-Water Separation Valve is also an option. The Ink-Water Separation Valve separates the ink in the first spinning cycle from the rest of the waste ink and water. The ink can be drained separately or collected in cans.



The REEQ CC700 can handle all kinds of cartridges from HP, Canon and Lexmark and different types as inkjet, tanks, etc..


  • a combination of cleaning and drying
  • adjustable programme
  • automatic cleaning solution inlet and dosing
  • automatic demineralized water inlet and dosing
  • Ink-Water Separation Valve
  • cleaning over 700 cartridges per day